No matter what you want to make with it...
No matter how hard you plan to work it...
No matter how long you need to keep it...

For hundreds of years, leather has been the product of choice for all kinds of consumer goods and clothing. From luxury items that say “success” as they flaunt the softest, most supple of leathers to products that “go to work,” dependably made from leathers that are rugged, durable, yet always comfortable.

Luxurious or rugged, products made with high quality leathers from Broleco stand the test of time… beautifully. Whether you manufacture gloves, shoes, boots, belts, handbags, or accessories, you’ll find Broleco leathers are quickly becoming the leathers of choice, known for their natural beauty, endurance, and flexibility.

Looking for a high-performance leather that’s extremely abrasion resistant? Waterproof yet breathable? Stain resistant? Ask us about Helcor.

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We create beautiful leathers... with a purpose.



Now for the innovation and exclusively manufactured by Broleco...

Extremely durable and resistant to abrasion.

Military / Berry Compliant 
Tough protection - and peace of mind.

Fashion and Branded Leathers
Where beauty and function meet.